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slider background 2 E-WASTE E-waste is discarded electronics that contain toxic metals and materials such as mercury, lead, lithium and others. When thrown into landfills and improperly disposed of, it can harm our health and ecosystem. slider-background Save Our Community E-WASTE isn’t the sole focus of BEEATOONA’s. Our projects aim at promoting peace, non-violence and community development.

Homecoming Initiative

An initiative by Beeatoona to destructed homes in Beirut

Welcome to Beeatoona

Established in 2008, Beeatoona is an NGO whose aim is to induce a change in behavior within different communities to protect and save the environment, by raising awareness to adopt and adapt new practices for safe disposal and treatment of Electronic & Electrical Waste and batteries.



What items are considered as E-Waste?

E-Waste includes desktop computers and peripherals, portable devices, network components, office apparatus and batteries.

Do you buy E-Waste items?

No we don’t buy E-Waste items, we only collect and recycle them.

What are the dangers of E-Waste?

The dangers are environmental (toxic materials seep into our groundwater and fumes pollute our atmosphere), and directly affect our health (nervous system, kidneys failure, blood diseases… etc)