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Radisson SAS - Blu Martinez, Ain El Mreysseh, Beirut, Lebanon
February 3rd at 11:00 am

On February 3,2011, Beeatoona NGO organized a lobbying event for its latest project “E-waste Best Management in Public Administrations and Institutions”. The event took place at the Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel, Ein El Mreysseh, with the presence of Eng. Sanaa Sayrawan representing the Lebanese Ministry of Environment, Mr Herbie Smith representing the U.S. Agency for International Development, alongside a number of ministries’ representatives and well respected officials, guest, and press attendants.

As a start, Mr. Maroun Charabati, president of Beeatoona, greeted the public and thanked their continuous support of Beeatoona’s environmental mission towards a greener future and a better management of E-waste in Lebanon. He announced the key achievements of the concerned project, which came as follows:
  • Raising awareness in the ministries and public institutions about the dangers of E-waste and the environmental and health problems attributed to it.
  • Drafting a decree that would establish guidelines to monitor and collect e-waste in the ministries. It has been submitted to the Lebanese Ministry of Environment to be reviewed and then to be submitted to the Council of Ministers.
  • Establishing an inter-ministerial committee that would sustain the E-waste collection in the ministries, in cooperation with Beeatoona Organization.
  • Including more public and private schools that benefit from awareness material.
  • Launching a TVC that used social media like facebook and-youtube to reach a wider range of the public, and which will soon be on television.

Mr Charabti then called for the support of the attendees to lobby for the approval of the decree, which aims and organizing the proper management of E-waste in the ministries and public administrations, allowing them to be a model for the rest of the community and the private sector, as well as random community members who are themselves, producers of this kind of toxic waste.

As for Mr Smith, he congratulated Beeatoona’s efforts and stated the importance of initiatives as such, targeting very dangerous issues like the E-waste problem. He then stated that USAID is always willing to encourage civil society organizations in Lebanon to play a more active role in promoting good governance in both the public and the private sector.

Subsequently, Ms Sayrawan talked about the sustainability of the cooperation between the Lebanese MoE and Beeatoona Organization, stressing on the importance of this environmental initiative, knowing that Lebanon has signed many International Conventions that include E-waste management within their scope of work. She declared that environmental safety is one of the most fundamental rights for our children and the generations to come, and it is our duty to provide them with the best conditions possible.

The speeches were followed by a technical presentation by Ms Nadine Haddad of Beeatoona, who announced the result of a recently made assessment by Beeatoona Organization, on the status of E-waste in the ministries; she stated the following:
  • When stored, the electronic waste reveals to be a costly operation for the ministries, which can reach up to 12,000$ a year
  • The average turnover rate is 4 years; however a computer’s lifespan could reach up to 7 years, or until it is completely broken before disposing of it
  • There are no common procedures for the disposal of E-waste nor the department responsible for their disposal.

The ceremony included the screening of the campaign’s TVC entitled “Boogie Rassak” and followed by a coffee break.