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Beeatoona is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) formed in 2008. Its primary aim is the promotion of good environmental practices among the Lebanese and Arab communities for a sustainable development.


Beeatoona has launched a project for battery recycling in schools of Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia.


Their project goal is to promote the sorting and recycling of household batteries through:

Raising awareness of students, parents and teachers of 50 schools in each of Lebanon, Jordan, and Tunisia on environmental and health risks associated with hazardous disposal of household batteries.

Engaging students of 50 schools in each of Lebanon, Tunisia, and Jordan in the sorting and collecting of household batteries and designing awareness material regarding recycling of batteries.

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Implementing partners


implemented the project in tunisia


Create awareness and responsibility in each citizen and pushing them to act in favor of the environment and in favor of sustainable development of the region.


Help these citizens in acting in favor of the environment and in favor of sustainable development of the region by using new technologies.


Acting as a key element in increasing awareness concerning the environment and the sustainable development of the region.
Increase scientific, cultural and professional knowledge of young people in order to guaranty an effective and responsible contribution in favor of the development of the country and the region.


implemented the project in jordan

Founded in 2000 as a non-profit making, private organization, the Land and Human to Advocate Progress (LHAP) serves as a consulting and a partner organization to provide training on management and communication skills targeting mainly local Jordanian, non-governmental organizations NGO's in the rural and Badia areas of Jordan.


To influence, encourage and assist local communities throughout Jordan to ensure a better management on natural resources in a sound and ecologically sustainable manner


LHAP works to improve the socio-economic status of the local communities in the rural areas; help NGO's to understand the local issues, identify areas of priority work, and develop the solutions they need; establish a rural center that will provide training, counseling, consultation, technical, and management services; empower the local community in the field of managing their natural resources and improving the environmental set up; organizing local, regional, and international tours to exchange and share of experiences; organize events and facilitate workshops, seminars, public hearings, consultations, and campaigns; formulate project proposals and seek funds; and strengthen local NGO's and help them build their operational skills, enhancing their capacity to successfully undertaken activities, projects, and campaigns.