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The competition entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges. The results will be announced during a final event where all participants will be invited. All competing projects will be displayed in a public exhibition.

Judging Criteria
The entries will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
  • Topic relevance: relevance to topic (key message is visible and well expressed through visual compositional elements).
  • Originality: An innovative idea that conveys a message embedded into a balanced visual composition, its concept, style, layout and design.
  • Visual Impact: An attractive work showing quality of the design, care and effort to communicate a clear and relevant message.

Competition Prizes
Prizes fall under the following categories:
  • Best Awareness Poster (Comics, Painting, Informative Poster, etc.
  • Best Audiovisual Awareness Message (Short Movie, Documentary).
  • Best Report
Winners will be distributed as follows:
  • Three winners, one for each category
  • Three 1st Runner ups, one for each category
  • Three 2nd Runner ups , one for each category
Prizes will be announced later.