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Wednesday October 20, 2010
AUB, Lebanon

Under the patronage and with the presence of the Lebanese Minister of Environment Mr. Mohamed Rahal, Beeatoona organized an E-waste awareness and collection day, at AUB. The event took place on Wednesday, October 20, 2010, with the collaboration of AUB’s Center for Civic Engagement and Community Services and the university’s environmental club.

The event was attended by a large number of students who seemed highly interested in the issue and mobilized to make a change for a better environment.

Ms. Nadine Haddad, director of the NGO, explained that E-waste is everything with an electronic board, from monitors to cell phones to toners… They become E-waste when we stop using them, even if they’re still functional. E-waste is classified as hazardous waste, containing more than 1000 toxic substances that can contaminate the air, the water and the soil and can lead to potentially deadly diseases. Moreover, Ms. Haddad noted that based on an assessment made by Beeatoona, 65% of the Lebanese keep their E-waste at home, ignoring the health risks of this silent killer. Participants, who excitedly participated in the discussion, were curious to know when there will be an E-waste recycling facility in Lebanon and focused on the importance of the sustainability of the operations.

Lebanese Minister of Environment Mr. Mohamed Rahal visited the center where E-waste will be dropped and stored until it is collected by Beeatoona. He met with the students and answered their queries. He also declared that the government is currently focusing on the proper management of waste, encouraging the activists who are aiming at spreading awareness about E-waste dangers.

Through this collaboration, Beeatoona and AUB aim at spreading awareness on the E-waste issue, and providing AUB students and AUB’s surrounding societies with a practical solution to dispose of their E-waste: AUB will be acting as an official E-waste collection point.

This initiative is part of Beeatoona’s continuous awareness campaign on the E-waste issue, that engages 500 schools in Lebanon and Jordan, a large number of corporations and educational institutions.