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Radisson SAS - Blu Martinez, Ain El Mreysseh, Beirut, Lebanon
November 30th at 11:00 am

Under the High patronage of the Lebanese Minister of Environment Mr. Mohamed Rahal, Beeatoona Organization launched its the "E-waste Best Management in Public Administrations and Institutions" project. The launching took place at the Radisson SAS- Blu Martinez Hotel, on Tuesday, November 30, 2010, with the presence of well respected officials and representatives of ministers, MPs, embassies and the military sector, alongside Ms. Sanaa Sayrawan representing Mr. Rahal and Mr. Tim Alexander representing the U.S Agency for International Development.

To announce the project, Beeatoona’s President Mr. Maroun Charabati pointed out the dangers of the improper disposal of E-waste, knowing that it contains more than 1 000 toxic substances. He then declared that the project aims at raising the level of awareness on this matter among workers of the public administrations and institutions. Moreover, the project particularly hopes to draft a decree to establish an E-waste management system for the public sector in order to properly dispose of all E-waste generated by the ministries and the governmental agencies. This should be attained through creating an inter-ministerial committee to promote and monitor this newly developed management system.

With this in mind, Ms. Nadine Haddad, director of the NGO, declared that currently, E-waste occupies approximately 22 000 cubic meters of storage in public institutions. In addition, according to an assessment that was recently made by the NGO, the approximate turn-over rate of electronic devices in most of the ministries is 4 years. This leads to concluding that thousands of electronic devices are expected to add up to the current huge pile of E-waste.

Likewise, Ms. Sayrawan emphasized on the hazards of E-waste and on the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for the generations to come. She then praised Beeatoona’s efforts, stating the MoE’s willingness to sustain their collaboration with the NGO, both aiming at the best management possible of E-waste in the country.

As for Mr. Alexander, he congratulated the organization for their efforts and declared USAID’s readiness to support all projects that hope for a better environment.

The event also incorporated the launching of Beeatoona Organization’s creative awareness campaign, through a TVC entitled: “Bougie Rassak?!”, directed by Ms. Amanda Abou Abdallah and with the voice over of Mr. Michel Abou Sleiman. This TVC will help the organization reach out to a larger public through TVs and social media.