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About Us

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A Sustainable Environment through building partnerships across the MENA region.


To induce a change in behavior of the MENA region communities to protect and save the environment.

To promote public private partnership to successfully implement Community-based environment development projects.

To lobby for the practice of a sustainable environmental behaviour in the MENA region both at grassroot and national levels.

To adopt and adapt environmental sound technologies for solid and waste water management

Environmental poverty


  • We believe in community based environmental conservation and management
  • We believe in developing people's potentials and capacities to respond to environmental needs and protection
  • Within those limits we believe in fair shares of the available environmental space in particular we are aware that the impacts of damage to the environment hit the poorest in the community the hardest both at home and overseas
  • We believe in promoting people's action, individual and collective, local, national and international, to tackle the environmental challenges we face
  • We believe in evidence based solutions to environmental problems that make life better for people while protecting the planet for future generations
  • We believe in equal participation of women, men whether with special needs or not

Strategic Objectives

  • To develop Beeatoona's capacity, credibility and visibility
  • To inspire and empower citizens to take grassroots action and to actively participate in Beeatoona's environmental projects
  • To empower public private partnership in the MENA region for exchange of knowledge and experience
  • To secure the medium-term viability of the organization through building a pool of generous donors and a portfolio of grants from trusts and foundations