Cash for Work

Old city of Saida

September 2018 – June 2019

Beeatoona teamed up with Cesvi, an Italian NGO, to implement the "Cash for work" project in the old city
of Saida. The main objective is to contribute to strengthening social stability in vulnerable Lebanese municipalities, to rehabilitate the old city of Saida and specifically to help mitigate the social and economic consequences of the Syrian crisis on the most vulnerable groups in the Saida district by improving their access to income, infrastructure and public services.
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Since the project started in November 2018, Beeatoona conducted the study of socio-environmental impact.

The main objective of the Study was to identify environmental and social impacts associated with “Cash for work” and to recommend an appropriate environmental management strategy for the project. Thus, a core outcome of the Study is an Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plan for the project.

To identify, predict, analyze and evaluate potential impacts that may emanate from the project, diverse study methods and tools including use of checklists, matrices, expert opinions and observations were employed. An Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plan comprising of an impact mitigation plan and modalities for monitoring and evaluation have beren developed to guide environmental management during all phases of project development.

A comprehensive survey was conducted in the old city of Saida involving mainly business owners, local residents and stakeholders.
The final report will soon be available online.

Part of "Cash for work" project is to create jobs for local workers and to get them involved in the activities planned for the old city.
169 workers have been picked to work in various activities.

One of the activities deals with lighting the area south-east of the old city of Saida with lamps and street lights powered by photovoltaic panels. 4 teams of skilled and non skilled workers were picked and trained by Beeatoona engineers in order to work on the lighting project.
They learned how to measure and plan solar panels installation on the roofs and how to install solar street lights.

Other teams were in charge of cleaning the roads, the walls and the facades in addition to maintenance and painting.

Finally, Beeatoona will be organizing 2 events in Saida in early July; one public event on environmental protection awareness and another one on job inclusion and equal ipportunities aimed at local authorities.