Shadowing Project

Lebanese students seem to be extremely affected by their parents’ suggestions when it comes to choosing their major, paying less attention to the orientation provided by their schools. In order to help these students pick their major more carefully, BEEATOONA launched its Shadowing program in Lebanon.

Job shadowing is an excellent method of discovering whether a professional career field or job is a good choice for you, giving you a sense of the real world, as you get to accompany a successful leader in the Lebanese society or a MEPI alumni member, and go through the day with them, experiencing what you will live if you choose to major in their field

The project covers 20 Lebanese school, public and private, targeting grade 11 and 12 students. Two students would be selected from each school, a female and a male, to attend training sessions on orientation provided by two expert trainers; also they would take a standard orientation test to help them identify their career interests. Then, each student would undergo a mentoring day and shadow a MEPI member, and receive professional orientation and briefings about the line of business. At the end of the project, students would gather with their mentors for evaluation, deciding whether or not the Shadowing Project helped them choose their future career.