Green Lebanon with Peace

Aley region, major witness of civil clashes since the Lebanese war, has seen its forests degrade tremendously during the last 40 years and especially in 2007, because of fires. The area has been left with a damaged burned land, and communities are in constant discrepancy due to their different political point of view and religion.

By bringing schools together, young people from the different communities in conflict, were engaged to plant trees, and thus are part of the rehabilitation and peace-building project amongst communities that have been most affected by conflict violence. Against this reality, community students were brought together to break the ice and build their capacities to work towards a common shared goal to be more resilient, and enhance the vulnerabilities of their communities such as avoiding internal conflict.

The project, funded by IREX Europe, aims at promoting a non-violence culture through tree planting amongst communities that were affected by the local conflicts by uniting the strengths of organizations, projects, people and especially the youth in order to make "Peace a practical reality for the children of this and future generations". The project intends to build bridges between children and youth from different religions and backgrounds. It is important to note that this project wouldn't have been successful without the contribution of Zaatar w Zeit and Pepiniere la Sagesse.